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Welcome Iphone 6 and 6 Plus!!

Hi readers, tepat hari ini kalian sudah bisa pre-order line-up terbaru dari website Apple yaitu Iphone 6 dan Iphone 6 plus. Menurut pengamatan saya produk ini sudah tersedia untuk US dan Singapore. Ayo.. jangan mau kalah antri ipun terbaru :)!! Silahkan dilihat spesifikasi lengkap di website GSMArena. First Hands On

15 tricks Using iOS 7

As posted on earlier article here where iOS 7 in action, I’ve found nice article reveal 15 of the best iOS 7 tricks that you may’ve need. When Apple released iOS 7 to the public earlier this month, it was met with a lot of criticism. Many people believed the changes in iOS 7 were …

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iOS 7 in action

Apple sold 9 million iPhone over the weekend and 200 million devices have upgraded to iOS 7 already. This means that iOS 7 is the fastest software upgrade in history. Fans of Apple’s iOS operating system can download iOS 7 on mobile devices starting September 18. Previously, rumors that Apple will launch iOS 7 on …

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Do you have a new iphone today?? – 5s or 5c

Being tired following technology trend specially for gadget?? every time new gadget came out, you already have it in your pocket, even you willing to queue and stay overnight before launching event.. gosh!! you must be a gadget freak and money isn’t show stopper :D. Recently Dave Smith from International Business Times, Forbes said the …

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BBM for Android & iPhone??

Are you serious??.. Yup!! BBM aka Blackberry Messenger yaitu chat messenger native device Blackberry, akan tersedia dan mulai bisa di download secara gratis untuk platform Android pada hari ini tanggal 21 Sept dan iOS pada tanggal 22 Sept di masing-masing market place-nya (sementara akan tersedia bagi pengguna iPhone). Versi awal BBM hanya akan tersedia fitur …

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